Heess organics

oils & fats from controlled organic cultivation

We offer a wide range of high-quality vegetable oils and fats from controlled organic cultivation. Our ecologically produced oils are used as valuable raw materials in natural cosmetics, food supplements, baby food and selected organic foods.

Our organic range

Our organic product range is constantly being expanded. Our cold-pressed oils can be further processed in a bioconform way if required. We are happy to respond to your individual customer wishes and develop new products together with you.

Currently our extensive range of organic products includes almond oil from our own production in California, Demeter certified jojoba oil from Argentina, shea butter from wild collection in Africa, which meets UEBT standards, and much more.

Organic argan oil

UNESCO declared the origin of our argan oil a biosphere reserve as early as 1998 and the traditional oil production of argan oil was recognized as an intangible cultural heritage of mankind in 2014. We have been supporting a cooperative since 2004 and make it possible for the Berbers to have the complete value chain in their own hands, from harvesting to processing. Thus the women are independent of the factory owners and benefit from the complete local value chain.

Organic babassu oil

The babassu nuts are harvested by native women, the so called “quebradeiras de coco”. There, they contribute a considerable part of the subsistence of more than 300,000 families. Gustav Heess cooperates with a non-commercially cooperative of the Maranhão, whose objective is the improvement and preservation of quality of life in the rural babassu region.

Organic jojoba oil

For more than 20 years Gustav Heess has collaborated closely with the local community of the Arauco desert in Argentina to make a fusion to merge sun and desert for the growth of the jojoba plant. To add value in the origin, our jojoba demeter oil is produced by a state of the art local boutique oil mill.

Organic coconut oil

In the natural paradise of Mozambique we cooperate with smallhold farmers in the area of Inhambane. All coconuts are wild collected, cracked, and the obtained copra (pulp) delivered to the local oil mills. The space between the plants provides the opportunity to grow agricultural crop for the farmers own consumption. By operating the local oil mill, jobs were created where they are needed. Our close cooperation guarantees that our high quality standards are reached and also safety standards like individual protection equipment for workers are put into action.

Organic shea butter

Sourcing with respect for a world in which people and biodiversity thrive. We act according to this principle and ensure that the added value creation stays in the origin, Burkina Faso, due to local wild collection and oil pressing. It contributes to an improving food and income situation on site. Female collectors provide an essential contribution to the family income because they receive a higher salary than usual.