Heess quality oils

social responsibility

Gustav Heess is committed to business relationships based on partnership and does not just want to exchange money for raw materials, but also wants to promote local development, focusing on long-term, sustainable supply chains based on partnership. We work closely with our producers from all over the world in numerous projects. When selecting our producers at origin, we actively demand social standards as well as the protection and preservation of nature.

Almond oil

Our own production unit Caloy is surrounded by almond trees in the middle of the Central Valley in California. Due to the proximity to the farms and the longstanding business relationships, we are the first to learn of changes. The specialisation in nut oils in our own oil mill is our unique selling point and gives us a qualitative advantage. In the meantime, we are the market leader in refined almond oil.

Palm oil

Our company has been a member of the RSPO (Round Table on Sustainable Palmoil) since 2009 and has thus supported the sustainable production of palm oil for many years.

As there are significant quantities of RSPO certified palm oil on the market since 2011, we have been using this quality in larger quantities since mid-2011.

All qualities of palm oil available in RSPO are also used and processed by us with this certification. The "RSPO SG" and "RSPO IP" qualities make up the largest part of our palm oils and the sustainable products made from them.

Pistachio nut oil

We obtain our pistachio kernel oil refined to 100 % from our own production in California, USA. Our oil mill produces exclusively nut oils and is located in the middle of the pistachio growing area.

Sesame oil

We work directly with the farmers in Ethiopia and Uganda. This way we obtain the high-quality sesame seeds and can press them particularly gently into high-quality sesame oil.

Shea butter

For our shea butter we work together with several cooperatives and local companies in Africa. We only use shea nuts from wild collection and by pressing them locally we promote the added value at the source.

Walnut oil

With our own Caloy oil mill, we process the walnut in our fully integrated production process from raw material to pressing and refining under one roof. This gives us complete control over every step of the process and allows us to produce the refined walnut oil directly on site.