Carnauba wax

Ph. Eur. in pastilles

Origin Our carnauba wax Ph. Eur. comes 100 % from Brazil.
Certificates Kosher
Article number 508031
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Production & description

Carnauba wax is the purified wax obtained from the leaves of Copernicia cerifera (Mart.).

Powder, flakes or hard mass, light yellow to yellow. When melted, the wax has a strong, characteristic but not unpleasant odour.

Carnauba wax Ph. Eur. in pastilles

Gustav Heess

Carnauba wax is obtained by scraping or boiling the leaves of the carnauba palm (Copernicia cerifera Mart.) between July and December. During this period, due to the drought, there is little demand for agricultural labour. Carnauba production is therefore an important source of work and income for the harvest workers during this period. The raw material is not traded. By boiling the wax in water, it is cleaned, filtered and broken into pieces after solidification. The small pastilles are then packed in bags and shipped. All production steps and analyses comply with the requirements of the Pharmacopoeia Europaea (Ph. Eur.).


  • Cosmetics

    • Use in heat-resistant kohl, mascara, eyebrow pencil and lipsticks
    • Consistency enhancer in cosmetic products
    • Hair care products - wax gives hair more shine and grip
    • Natural wax with the highest melting point
    • Use in ointments and creams for consistency
  • Food

    • Release agent and cover for chewing gums, sweets and gummi bears (E 903) - ensures that they do not stick together and shine beautifully
    • Preservative coating of citrus fruits
    • Surface treatment of fruits - wax adheres well and gives fruits shine and intensifies the colour
  • Pharmaceutics

    • Use with dragées
    • Medication enrobing
INCI name: Copernica Cerifera Cera
CAS number: 8015-86-9
Botanical name: Copernica Cerifera

Sustainability & responsibility

The entire production process is sustainable without harming the environment in any way through the use of unsustainable resources.  At the same time, the removal of the top of the palm slows down the aging process of the palm. The straw residues of the palm tree are used as bio-fertiliser, the trunk for building huts and the whole leaves for covering the roofs of these huts.

Carnauba production is an important source of employment and income for workers, as production occurs especially in a period when there is little demand for agricultural labor in the semi-arid area due to drought.

25 kg

General durability: 60 months

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