Candelilla wax

The vegan wax from the candelilla bush

Candelilla wax is softer than carnauba wax but slightly harder than beeswax. Unlike other waxes, Candelilla wax is absorbed quickly without leaving a waxy greasy film. The solidification temperature is between 68 and 73°C.

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 Öle & Fette für die Kosmetikindustrie
Öle & Fette für die Lebensmittelindustrie
Öle & Fette für die Pharmaindustrie
Candelilla wax refined in pastilles  

Candelilla wax is often used as a substitute for bees or carnauba wax. In general, it is used, as in nature, to prevent dehydration. Candelilla wax is a superb oil binder and gives the products a beautiful shine, protects the ingredients and prevents them from sticking together.

INCI name: Candelilla Cera / Euphorbia Cerifera Cera
CAS number: 8006-44-8
Botanical name: Candelilla Cera

The candelilla bush

The candelilla bush (Euphorbia antisyphilitica) belongs to the spurge family. The bush consists of branching shrubs that grow up to 30 cm high. In order to protect itself from the heat, the plant forms a wax layer on branches as well as on the rare leaves, the candelilla wax (also called candellina wax). This is yellow to brown in colour and hard. It protects the shrub from environmental influences and evaporation. The entire plant is cut off at harvest and then completely boiled in water. The wax melts and rises to the water surface, from where it is skimmed off in the next step. It is then cleaned in several steps.

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Cultivation & yield

The plant is native to the semi-deserts of northern Mexico and southern North America. Candelilla wax is collected and processed by small family businesses, the so-called "candelilleros". This is a wild growth.

Background / history

The name Candelilla comes from the Spanish and means "small candle". The name aptly describes the upright growth and the flammability of the wax.

Approximately 4,000 years old rock paintings with colours consisting of a mixture of mineral pigments and candelilla wax were discovered on the border between Mexico and Texas.

Due to its price, the collection was stopped in the 1960s, but gradually gained popularity in cosmetics.

20 kg

General durability: 24 months

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