More than logistics

In many companies, logistics only organises the transport of a clearly defined pallet from A to B. Our demands on logistics go far beyond this. From the seed in the field to the finished oil, which we deliver to you worldwide, our logistics experts ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Procurement at origin

We go where the best raw materials are available and therefore often have to build up the local infrastructure ourselves. Empty ISO tanks and real-time tracking of the goods with GPS are not available in all countries. Due to our worldwide network we are able to act in special situations and keep the ability to deliver. We always have the complete supply chain in view and work closely with our quality management.

By means of preliminary samples, quality control does not only start with the receipt of goods, but already at the origin. It is essential to perfectly coordinate all the cogwheels such as delivery, customs clearance, deadlines in the oil mill and refinery and to set up sustainable transport solutions. For this reason, we rely on gentle transport in the reusable ISO tank for loose goods and strictly control the preloading for each transport, e. g. to comply with kosher rules for kosher products.

Fast & reliable delivery

For the supply of our customers our warehouse in Leonberg is perfectly located in the heart of Europe. To ensure that this is always well filled, we operate several tank farms in both the USA and Europe. For transports from the port to our main warehouse, we prefer to use rail or barge (inland waterway) in order to relieve the environment and the motorway.

We make sure that your production runs smoothly. On customer request, we send stock items as overnight express or same-day delivery. We also accept big challenges and so we organized a special flight with a chartered Antonov for a customer to keep his production running.

You do not only need a high quality oil. You need the right oil, in the right quality in the optimum container at the agreed time and place!