Production unit Caloy

world's largest producer of almond, walnut & pistachio kernel oil

In the middle of California's spacious Central Valley, where more than three quarters of all almonds and walnuts worldwide are harvested, Caloy has perfected the production of nut oils since 1988. By controlling the entire production process from the nut to the finished nut oil, we can guarantee the highest purity and quality at all times.

Sustainability & quality

We work with local producers and suppliers to ensure that only the best nuts are used for your oils. As the market leader, we take care of our farmers and support them with long-term supply contracts so that they can concentrate 100% on the quality of their produce. The short transport links from the field directly to our oil mill ensure that the raw materials can be processed in the best quality.

Caloy sets new quality standards through gentle processing in ultra-modern facilities. Our continuously developed production unit mechanically presses oil from the nuts on several expeller lines and our fully equipped food refinery refines almond oil, walnut oil and other high-quality vegetable oils for our customers all over the world. We refine physically and chemically, bleach with different soils and filter with activated carbon. In addition, we offer complete deodorization and winterization of our oils.

Throughout the entire production process Caloy implements a HACCP food safety concept. By taking the time to correctly analyse and evaluate the risks for all production steps, we can successfully eliminate potential health problems.