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Special Report Macadamia nut oil organic

Our macadamia nut oil organic


Our macadamia nut oil organic has its origin in Kenya. It is based on solid ethical fundaments and contributes to the employment of nearly 1,000 employees, most of whom are female smallholder farmers. With the help of our experienced agricultural engineers, we guarantee traceable and sustainable processing procedures and thus the highest possible quality standard, which is at the same time ensured by regular training on organic cultivation. The hand-collected macadamia nut is one of the hardest nuts in the world, yet it is cracked nut by nut using an own cracking method, eliminating the possibility of damage and allowing the entire high-quality nut to be used for oil pressing. Locally applied sophisticated software additionally helps to show traceability from the individual small farming to the final oil. The activity contributes a large share to rural income.

Gustav Heess is offering both the refined as well as cold pressed quality.

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