A pharmacopoeia contains recognized rules for the quality of drugs and their ingredients. Specific monographs describe, among other things, active ingredients and excipients.

The European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) is part of the pharmacopoeia valid in Germany. The edition is indicated with a number and another number for a supplement, for example refined corn oil Ph. Eur. 10.1 (10th edition 1st supplement). In Germany, the pharmacopoeia also includes the German Pharmacopoeia DAB and the German Drug Codex DAC (supplementary book of the Federal Association of German Pharmacists).

There are other national pharmacopoeias, widely used are among others the American United States Pharmacopeia USP/NF and the British Pharmacopeia BP.

The analytical methods of the European Pharmacopoeia for fat analysis are established in our company laboratory and accredited by the German Accreditation Agency DAkkS. Our sales specifications for products for which a German pharmacopoeia monograph exists are based on the monograph specifications. These products are identified by the abbreviation Ph. Eur., DAB or DAC in the product name.